Real Earthquakes


Authors , literary agents and writers of every persuasion are making donations to an on-line auction to raise money for the Nepalese people who have survived the appalling earthquakes. There was one more this week with a magnitude of 7.3.  All the monies will go to Earthquake Relief for Nepal, an appeal set up by New Zealand-based charity First Steps Himalaya.


I am offering a Writing Session in Sussex or on Skype and the bids are set to start at £25.

That’s a bargain!  Creative Therapeutic Writing isn’t about critiquing, as the description says, which is the category given. It will be my usual response to what is needed by the other writer. Apparently it will only be up for another 3 days which is why I am giving this maximum exposure now through tweets, face-book and blogging.

Here’s the link for those who might be interested:


Personal is Political

Living in Sussex, we are fortunate to live without earth tremors. Although the prospect of fracking into the nooks and crannies of the rock strata of the Weald Basin has unknown consequences. If you asked me if I were a political person, my answer would be: No, because my inner life has been so very demanding of my whole being. But with my understanding of the personal as political that’s the way I live: with small ripples for the few people in my social sphere.


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