creative therapeutic writing



creative therapeutic writing on a depressive illness

The boxes of mini-books arrived one rainy morning and I stashed them one by one inside the house. And for the whole weekend I didn’t even look at them. Three days later I started sending them out; became used to their presence as the finished thing. It’s a slim volume of 104 pages, easily fits into a handbag, rucksack, briefcase. The cover is laminated so it’s smooth to the touch. I’m surprised at how tactile the experience is of holding my own book.

A book in my hands – slip it into a slightly padded envelope: weigh, seal and stamp it. Walk to the end of the road and drop into the red post box.                                                               



Monica’s respect and love for this process has taken her into creativity which will inspire you to write too.                                                                                         Gillie Bolton


A Fox Crossed My Path is an unusual and compelling book and provides a bridge between the countries of Illness and Wellness. Defying categorization, this is a unique contribution to our understanding of what happens under cover of darkness.         Victoria Field

Cost: £10 with free p&p to UK addresses. Overseas will be plus postage. 

I have no clever merchandising scheme in place, nor Amazon arrangement (everyone asks). A good old-fashioned cheque or an internet banking transfer is how to purchase direct from me.


Fox Drawings by Olivia Haughton

Please make contact on: monicasuswin [at] and we’ll take it from there.


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