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c58647f9d6b9e37e71384351c044412d--underwood-typewriter-writers-blockWould I go back to this?

Probably not. But any residual expectations that my computer will work smoothly, perfectly and continuously have been ditched.

The way our computers work is in constant flux … I must forget about perfection and stability, the expert young guy at Apple Technical Support tell me. Over the telephone he works patiently sharing my screen, directing me to click here and there until a stubborn locking mechanism unlocks and stays unlocked. I sigh in relief and gratitude. That sounds straightforward. It wasn’t, taking several long calls. The updates are necessary to beat the hackers intent on corrupting the smooth running of all these trillions of invisible connections that lead to how I tap away at my keyboard.

Wonderful that I have achieved a convoluted but workable method of accessing past drafts of documents. Retrievable, I am able to work on my mini-books. And regain some affection for my computer. And forget about hankering after a typewriter which wouldn’t give me instant access to this extraordinary world wide web of information that still amazes me.

Blogging has taken a lull during 2017. I’ve found there is just too much social media material, book-writing and real life to keep up with . . . Here though is an update:

Cabin on the Hill – Studio Retreat – Latest News
One aspect of these changes is that I have to abandon my much loved web-site. Apple no longer supports the technical back-up for continuing  Until I create a new web-site, a link should bring you to this WordPress site, which will in the meantime carry relevant information.


After five years of running the Cabin on the Hill as a studio retreat, I am now offering only the following kinds of stay:



24 hour cabin deal – this includes: writing session, supper and breakfast


4 or 5 night stay for writers


Writing for Healing Workshops

These small (no more than six participants) four hour workshops on a Saturday afternoon allow participants to find their own flow of words, discuss and explore a wide range of personal issues, and learn to express their creativity through writing.

Because we share our common humanity, time and again the synchronicity of themes fosters connections. Conversations may be about tricky relationships, loss of a loved one, death of parents, feeling ambivalent, feeling blocked, needing to own feelings, needing to find space to be creative. Tears may be shed, but there is often a surprising amount of laughter.

Just as important is the sitting around my kitchen table for a pot-luck tea-break with goodies which everyone brings to share.

Next Date: Saturday 25 November 2-6pm. (£35)

Dates for 2018

Saturday 20 January 2-6pm.

Saturday 3 March 2-6pm.

Creative Therapeutic Writing Series

** the second in this series of mini-books Creative Therapeutic Writing on Love & Loss is at the printers and will be available in the New Year.


For anyone with an interest in the therapeutic potential of expressive and creative writing, A Fox Crossed My Path is a find. Like spending time with a good novel or short story, this book leaves the reader changed, more aware of how people’s lives are, and this life in particular. I would suggest that for starting points in how creative writing can be a life-line when other options are limited, this book is a must-read.

Dr. Jeannie Wright –  Self & Society   October 2017


Crammed with practical approaches to the use of creative writing in relation to depression – its reality, its recurrence, its terrors and agonies – and by using her own story, Monica Suswin leads the reader and sufferer towards the possibility of recovery, enrichment, an integration of the ‘fox’ of illness with the self which functions in the world.

Rob Henley – Lapidus Journal Summer 2017








fox drawing by Olivia Haughton

BOOK ORDER direct from me: monicasuswin [at]

Cost: £10   as from: 12 March 2018   plus UK postage of £2.00

Overseas plus postage


2 thoughts on “creative therapeutic writing

  1. Nancy Bahs says:

    The book A Fox Crossed My Path by Monica Suswin is amazing. This book has given me insight into depression, the world of the depressed, and how to help yourself deal with depression. I have learned so much from this book. The Writing To Do sections are helping me to work thru issues that I have. The suggestions for the therapeutic writings are spot on. I am going to talk to all 4 of our local public libraries and encourage them to purchase this book for their libraries. There is nothing on their shelves that can compare to this book in the Self – Help section. I highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with depression, has a loved one with depression, works with individuals with depression, or just wants to educate themselves on this health issue that affects so many! Nancy Bahs, United States


  2. Thank you very much indeed Nancy for your response – I am so pleased that you find the book so helpful and informative. It’s lovely to hear how the book is received by those who read it, particularly from readers across the Atlantic! all best wishes, Monica


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