creative therapeutic writing

The second mini-book in the series

Love and Loss - cover

Now Available

(still direct from me)


Very Soon the New Web-Site will be Up & Running

with a clever payment scheme

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slightly more expense

(because of associated layers of costs with those procedures)


BUY NOW by contacting me at: monicasuswin [at]

(you’ll be able to use BACS, a cheque or PayPal)

LOVE & LOSS  £12  plus £2 postage in the UK

Outside the UK, I’ll let you know the cost



Love & Loss


A Fox Crossed My Path 


£20 plus £3 postage in the UK



A Fox Crossed My Path


£10 plus £2 p&p

monicasuswin [at]

for book sales and enquiries

Direct, honest and emotionally sensitive Love & Loss is a candid exploration and is alive with creative ideas for writers and workshop leaders of all kinds.                      Lisa Dart


For anyone with an interest in the therapeutic potential of expressive and creative writing, A Fox Crossed My Path is a find. I would suggest that for starting points in how creative writing can be a life-line when other options are limited, this book is a must-read.                                   Jeannie Wright


© Monica Suswin 2018




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