creative therapeutic writing


If you find yourself here from some push of an ethernet button or icon, please do go to my new web-site:

There you’ll find all the information about my books – an exploration of my own personal process of writing, alongside an explanation of my approach. The books are a blend of the personal and a lot of suggested exercises: ideas for readers to explore and meet their own particular circumstances through writing.

There is also information about my Writing for Healing Workshops held in Sussex at the Cabin on the Hill. And 1-1 writing sessions which may be Face-to-Face, Skype or FaceTime.

I started this blog in October 2014 and have tailed off in the last year or so. There are many extracts from my books in these blogs – if you scroll through you’ll soon get a flavour of how I approach this genre of writing.

This kind of writing can be exacting and challenging. But I have found the process exhilarating, satisfying and ultimately more creative than any personal therapy (and I have done a lot during my life, as well as practice as a psychotherapist when I was younger).

These two books can be purchased

through the new web-site


Love and Loss - cover



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